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April 8th, 2011 by Brando

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Taurasi and Fiano – the Grounds Why Campania Continuously Attracts Visitors

April 5th, 2011 by Brando

Wines are definitely one of the few beverages which the world cannot manage to lose. During the old times, they have been serving significant purposes in the society. Big and small parties seem to be more enjoyable if there’s an overflowing provision of wine. Apart from their roles in social gatherings, wine collecting has also evolved to being a leisurely pursuit. A lot of enthusiasts travel in various places to pursue precious bottles of wines and Campania is truly one of the top destinations that these enthusiasts never fail to pass by.

Campania is a small region located in the Southern part of Italy. It may be not as urbanized as other cities yet it continues to attract tourists because of its naturally alluring scenic spots such as Amalfi Coast and Naples. However, more than anything, the locale is patronized because of its tempting vineries as well as its timeless winemaking tradition that still handles to shine despite the threats of modernization.

Since the 7th century B.C., individual vintners in the region have been known to charge a high value to the spirits of the drinks. Greeks as well as Romans also have their contribution of influences to the locale’s valuable wine history. Despite the fact that early wine makers did not get roaring because of extreme impoverishment, the whole region was still able to prove its amazing potentials. In fact, a little road trip in the locality can prove that there are over one hundred wineries now in Campania. What is Campania’s recipe for this winemaking success? In All Probability, it’s in the wine cellars that doubtless bring a sense of nostalgia for the old past. The cellars as well as the barrels have critical roles in the wine making process. This is because for the wines to reach their fullest aroma, they must be maintained and matured in cellars. The procedure of reposition can be tricky because the temperature should be proper for the wine to age succulently.

Indeed, existing grape sources must be present to have them juiced. Fiano, is one of the region’s highly-acclaimed grape varieties because of its sweet scent and taste. Wine specialists say that is a origin of Roman varieties and that it is earlier called as “apianus” which means “loved by bees” in Roman because of its aroma that copies that of pears and honey flowers. Fiano is normally sourced in the production of Italian white wines that are sweet. On the other hand, the Aglianico grape variety is perfect for creating Italian reds particularly Taurasi, Campania’s highly-esteemed red wine because of the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) seal that it carries. For a wine to be granted the DOCG seal, it must meet a very advanced and strict standard.

Taurasi, unlike Fiano white wines, bear a hard and rich flavor. Its dark garnet color right away leaves the feeling that it is abundant with profundity and boldness. Taurasi is needed to be kept in a wine cellar for three years so that its flavor can mature. Its content is comprised of 85 percentage pure Aglianico grapevine that’s why it is a perfect accompaniment for tasty dishes. Through time, Campania wine has genuinely come forth to high-grade products. In spite of the significant eminence that the region is making, it is notable that the vintners still stay on being humble by sticking on to old winemaking traditions. The simple design of the bottles alone is great evidences of the region’s unassuming nature. All The Same, don’t be duped because what’s inside the simple bottles is a wide regalia of impressive blends that can meet your spirit with persistent delight.